TWC9: A Hitchhikers Guide to the CoreCLR, System.Ben, Squirrel.Windows and more...

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    andy korn

    april 11, ok.

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    Nice video! You hace explained all very well. One question, I'm having serious problems to uninstall VS2016 (I want to update to VS2017), what can I do? Thanks.

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    Visual Studio 2017 does not install on Windows 7.

    Incomplete components:
    ASP.NET and web development tools (Microsoft.VisualStudio.Component.Web,version=15.0.26208.0)
        JavaScript diagnostics (Microsoft.VisualStudio.Component.JavaScript.Diagnostics,version=15.0.26208.0)
        Profiling tools (Microsoft.VisualStudio.Component.DiagnosticTools,version=15.0.26208.0)

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    Question?,...what kind of laptop,..? because the sticker covers it up,.... also yea what is up with ("MICROSOFT IGNITE"),...... WAIT 4 IT,..(>ZERO COOL<)!!!!

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    Joey Eng

    Does this episode remind anyone else of tekzilla? Seth as Patrick Norton and Kendra as Shannon Morse. :)

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    These two make a great team; I hope they do more together. Also, the audio was very hot and kept clipping. I wonder if the sound checks are more calm, and not as representative of the exuberance they have as they film. 

    No matter, this was enjoyable regardless. 

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    I prefer to use other things but good.

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