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TWC9: WCF Data Services v5, Performance Killers, Project Detroit and more

20 minutes, 24 seconds


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We're trying a new format for the show notes for this week, let us know what you think!:


[0:24] WCF Data Services 5.0 RTM Release (WCF Data Services Team Blog), WCF Data Services 5.0 RTM

b3cssbkf.4it[2][1:32] Windows 8 and the Windows Phone SDK, pt. 2 (Larry Lieberman)

p24l5411.yen[2][2:40] Tackling performance killers: Common performance problems with Metro style apps (Dave Tepper)

mc3nvput.rhj[2][4:45] How to create a WinRT WRL C++ Component from scratch that can be consumed by .NET components (Kevin Stumpf)

wo3dlrsq.d5u[2][6:03] Preemptive Analytics in Visual Studio and TFS 11 (Brian Harry)

y2fxeqgd.jdp[2][8:07] SyncFusion Metro Studio

wpdsoucj.hny[2][9:52] Channel 9 Highlight: Dirt Simple Web and Database Deployment in Visual Studio 11 (Brady Gaster, Sayed Hashimi)

n2lsiupa.mcr[2][11:06] Event Flashback: Lang.NEXT 2012 - Language Support for Asynchronous Programming (Mads Torgersen)

jwos0nw3.aym[2][12:34] HTML5 Delta Reference (Michael Palermo), http://www.w3.org/TR/html-markup/





Picks of the Week!

tzoi2f1l.yde[2][13:30] Brian's Pick of the Week: Filmmaker Organizes Facebook Flashmob For Kid’s Cardboard Arcade

y31qkjzg.irf[2][14:51] Dan's Pick of the Week:Project Detroit: How to Read Your Car’s Engine Data with OBD-II (Brian Peek, Dan Fernandez), My car ships with crapware (Scott Hanselman)



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  • Personally, I preferred being able to skim the bulleted list quickly - but then, I always get C9 via RSS.  (I almost never watch TWC9. Embarassed)  Plus, the caption on each thumbnail is too small to read.

    But maybe it's great for others?

  • Maddus MattusMaddus Mattus Maddus on C9, Is often ​controversi​al, But fun ​none-the-​less -​evildictait​or

    New format totally freaks my HTMLTextblock for WP7 out, so it's unreadable in the app.

    But I like it!

  • The new layout is broken in chrome. 

  • Greg Duncangduncan411 It's amazing what a professional photographer can do...

    @ababcock1: sigh... I see what you mean. I had similar issues in IE9 at first, but was able to tweak the tables/images to fix the layout there. Looks like more tweaking is needed. Thanks for the heads up on that...

  • Greg Duncangduncan411 It's amazing what a professional photographer can do...

    @ababcock1: @Maddus Mattus:Okay, how's that?

    Looks better when I look at it in Chrome and still looks okay in IE. Originally I was trying to use tables, but with all the levels of abstraction and help (between WLW, the C9 published platform, etc) the layout just wasn't where I wanted it to be.

    So I nuked the tables and tried something a little simpler. Better? Worse?

  • dan_tdtower Surface Fan

    That kid is going places. Very cool.

  • Maddus MattusMaddus Mattus Maddus on C9, Is often ​controversi​al, But fun ​none-the-​less -​evildictait​or

    @gduncan411: better!

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