TWC9: Windows 8 Release Preview, SkyDrive, PhoneGap Build and more

Play TWC9: Windows 8 Release Preview, SkyDrive, PhoneGap Build and more

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    The WP7 SkyDrive App, is still weak, even with the Version 2.0 update.

    Whenever I try to download and view Word or Excel documents in the App, it gives up, and just Suggests 'do you want to try to view in Browser !'

    I mean come on if Microsoft cannot get the SkyDrive App to Download and Open MS Office docs from SkyDrive, then something has gone really wrong. Hopeless !

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    @Jules: For office documents on my WP7 I just linked to SkyDrive via the Office app. It has worked since day one.

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    Just watched this on my ride into work. The new functionality to SkyDrive sounds good, but I've got a question.  I also use Live Mesh, which syncs things like my IE favorites, and whatever folders I choose, into the cloud.  This is great, and I use it, but the most important thing to me, with respect to Live Mesh, is the ability to be able to log into my work PC from anywhere.  I rely upon that to get remote access to my work PC.  Does this new functionaltiy to SkyDrive do that?  Does SkyDrive and Live Mesh "play nice" with each other?

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    @RodAtWork: I'm a big Mesh Remote user too... No, the current version of the SkyDrive app for Windows doesn't do that, the remote desktop, at all. You can use it to access files on remote machines, but not a "real" remote desktop.

    But they two do play nice together. I've got them both installed on a few Win7 machines (both x86 and x64) and Live Mesh still works just like it has before with no issues or conflicts. I'm personally beginning to move my file sync'ing from Mesh to SkyDrive, but will keep Mesh around for as long as I can just for its Remote Desktop functionality.

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    Doctor Who

    @gduncan411: That's good to hear, thank you for this information!

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