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    Cool stuff!

    Yes, LINQ stands for Language INtegrated Query.

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    So what do you all think about the story line-up?

    I helped the TWC9 team (Dan, Brian and Nic) source the stories for this week's show, and would like to know what you think about the selection (please no flames, just honest, helpful suggestions and comments... Please don't make me have to use the comment nuke hammer...  Wink

    I tried to find a wide range of Microsoft dev, and/or cool things a dev might use or need, stories. To many? To few? To much of one kind? To esoteric? Not enough of X,Y or Z?

    Let me know what you think and I'll try to tweak, or not, the stories I source for next week's show (assuming the TWC9 team doesn't fire me... :O LOL)



    PS. I'm already tweaking the sourcing to highlight the given story's author, to make Brain and Nic's job a little easier...

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    Nice broadrange set of topics with just enough depth to make me want to look into some things. I'm old so a little longer time on the screenshots please. Smiley

    It was great to see Microsoft actually talking about WPF. It's too bad however they were riding on the coattails of Brian Lagunas and the folks who build the extended WPF toolkit (IOW not Microsoft's work or $$$).  The last release of Microsoft WPF toolkit was February 2010. Unless Microsoft shows it's still really behind it WPF is pretty much dead. Also that was a great exchange between Brian Keller and Nic about IP of the extended toolkit. LOL!

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    Great show! I love the fact Nic really asks about the stuff and lets somebody really explain it. Playing dumb makes the topics more clear for people who have never heard of them, and makes you want to read more.

    The topics do not really cover Channel 9 anymore though (as I read somewhere before). Why not talk about video's from charles or recomend some other videos? The Browse section grows so big every week, most of which do not make it to the front page. TWC9 used to be the show you watched to know if you missed any interesting videos on the C9 webpage.

    Also , there is still a buzzing sound in the background of the show, altough it's not as bad as last week.

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    @CKurt: Yeah, I've seen that "TWC9 isn't about C9 anymore" comment too. I tried to respond to that feedback a little by including the TouchDevelop story, but I hear you...

    TWC9 has evolved to be a much wide scoped show, but it also shouldn't forget its roots either (IMHO).

    I'll try to include a couple more C9 related stories in next week's show, maybe try for a 1/3 C9, 2/3 other stuff, ratio? (so 3'ish+ C9 entries?)... I know that won't do all the cool C9 shows, videos, C4F projects and blog, Kinect Gallery, Events, etc., etc. justice, and will mean most will still slip through, but like you said, with all the activity on C9 these days, we could have an hour long show and will not touch on everything new that week...

    So we'll try for a middle of the road approach and at least include more C9 stuff. That reasonable?

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    So much cool stuff.  So little time to actually check it out. Sad

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    Think of TouchStudio (TouchDevelop) as a modern version of the arrival of the Borland IDE, but for SmartPhones.  Borland brought the ability to create programs to people who never considered it before.  If Microsoft executes properly, TouchDevelop can do the same for phones, and set a new standard, while giving many young people a new opportunity to learn.

    Great start guys, now let's see it change they way we see our phones.


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    Nice. Nic should be on the show more often.

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    @gduncan411: Sure that is reasonable. Wink I was just pointing out the obvious, i do like the non C9 news to, but at least the 'viral' C9 videos could use a shoutout. That or change the name of the show to "This week on MSDN".

    Looking forward to next weeks show!

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    @CKurt: Thanks; "Playing Dumb" comes naturally to me Tongue Out

    @Bas: I'll be on TWC9 for the next few episodes while Dan keeps working on his secret projects.

    I agree that we need to include a little more focus on Channel 9 videos from that week. I'll see what we can do make that happen

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    LordOzBob and are cool - the former when I was 8 and the later great for kids and kids at heart.

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    Brian Lagunas

    The name of the author for the Extended WPF Toolkit is Brian Lagunas.  Oh wait, that's me! Big Smile

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