TWC9: Windows Azure SDK 2.1 for .NET, VS 2012.4, Web Essentials 2013 Preview and more

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    Today is not 1st April but,

    Can you open-source Visual studio and allowed people to feedback and commit.

    I sure after it you doesn't need any kind of feedback, Microsoft connect. Maybe make some part (commercial) like other companies do.

    This will make a lot of trouble solved. I have no guess if this will happen in Future year(s).

    Well, Thanks for giving people ability to collaborate on Github for packages (nuget) and thing people made.

    Is their anything further Microsoft do to kill things like their own thing like Microsoft connect and requirement of tool(s) like Uservoice.

    What is the other part (way) to collaborate with developer who work for Microsoft(Mostly I means for Visual studio and Azure)

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    Hi Brian,

    Is it possible to download the SharePoint 2013 training video?


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    The idea of having a preview of a powershell command for an administrative action has existed in Exchange since 2007.

    Sorry to burst your bubble...

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