TWC9: August 26th 2011

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    It's called 7.1 because the build number is 7.1 (just like in VS project types). Its like Windows 7 being version number 6.x , they have not announced it officially it will be Windows Phone 7.5 , they keep calling it Mango and marketing will change it in 7.5 when launched.
    User testing, also know as acceptence testing is usually the final stage of testing. After testing you release the app in the store. So most of the time it comes before writing it.
    Great to hear more stories from C9. I missed the rugged pc video and will now watch it! More stories is good, it brings more content and makes the show a bit longer.Nic his questions were great again, and really ad value to the story being told.

    UPDATE: the link to the rugged pc video does not work, so I guess I'm of to a search in the wild wild west of video's on C9 Wink , Although i just found it copy and pasting the title into the search box. Video was very good!

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    @CKurt: Link fixed. Thanks

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    "Shut yer trap ma, you're spinking again"

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    @KurtK: We dodged a bullet there Smiley

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