TWC9: Windows 8 & VS 2012 RTM, Writing Test Adapters, FoxIE, HTML5 and more

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    Nice Smiley

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    not worked

    Please give a option to user to see this in Simply as html5 video.I am unable to use Video better in Silverlight way.

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    @not worked: If you click on the Format button under the video you should be able to change the video format to HTML5.

    You can also make this option permanent by updating your Channel 9 Profile. First create a Channel 9 Profile and then set your Video Playback Preference to HTML5.

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    Yakko Warner

    When I logged in to my Hotmail account, in the upper right was a dropdown ("Settings" I think?), and one of the options was "Upgrade to Outlook".  Doing this allowed me to keep my Hotmail email address, use the new Outlook interface, and not have to do any reset on my Windows Phone.

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