TWC9: Windows 8.1 RTM's, VS Unit Test Generator, more Azure GA's and more

Play TWC9: Windows 8.1 RTM's, VS Unit Test Generator, more Azure GA's and more
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The Discussion

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    Good to see Hadoop making it into the "universe" with LINQ to Hive. That should making querying the cluster much easier, especially on an Azure cluster. Didn't know it was available via NuGet already.

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    Here I am! Look forward to put the signed copy in my office! Smiley

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    I suggest that you consider creating Seadragon versions of your posters and hosting them on Microsoft servers.  You could also do OCR on the source images and make them searchable (we do this with mechanical engineering drawings) in the Seadragon viewer  Most of us devs, I suspect, would like to access these posters on occasion.  But we don't really want to tape them to our walls and so they go unused.  Just a thought... 

    P.S. it would be wonderful if Microsoft maintained Seadragon or contributed to the OpenSeadragon project both of which have a lot of bugs. It's a really fantastic technology -- very useful in all sorts of domains -- and it would work exceptionally well for these large posters.

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    @RetroRecursion: A signed .NET Universe poster is yours for being the first person to enlighten us on what LINQ to Hive is. Email me your mailing info (rogreen at Microsoft dot com) and I will send it to you. Thanks!


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    @rogreen: Awesome, thank you! I'll contact you now.

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