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TWC9: Azure Durable Functions, Visual Studio Code 1.27, Azure Downtime, and more

Play TWC9: Azure Durable Functions, Visual Studio Code 1.27, Azure Downtime, and more

The Discussion

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    I miss the days when I could watch these from my iPad and speed them up.

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    @Tom: Sorry about that. I don’t know any way to speed up YouTube — there might be some extensions — but I put time codes in the description to try to point out where new stories start. 

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    Matt fischer

    I love TWC9 - following it from so long time.

    One small request @christinaw - Please focus more on .Net than java. Lately, may important things related to .Net were missed out - such as .Net framework 4.7.2 release in VS15.8, F#4.5, .NET Core SDK 2.1.400, VS updates, etc.

    BTW, you are awesome host, thanks for your time to read my comment.

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    @Matt fischer:thanks for the feedback! We covered 15.8 and F# 4.5 — but I’ll make a concentrated effort to make sure I highlight and emphasize the biggest .NET stuff too!

    My goal is to cover all the biggest news across Microsoft platforms, but I definitely don’t want to give .NET the short end of the stick.

    Thanks again for the feedback and I hope you’ll get a chance to see the .NET Conf next week!

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    @Tom @christinaw

    The Updated Youtube app on iOS has a speed option.


    1 Tap the triple-dot menu in the video's upper right corner.

    2 Choose the playback speed you want to set the speed to e.g. 2x


    On older iOS devices you have to open the YouTube site in Safari


    There is no Playback speed option in the iOS Ch9 App vid player control.  I can't find the UserVoice site to add a feature request, or the source on Github so I can contribute. Hint hint ... ;)

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    Thanks for acknowledging the Azure outage. Last week was a rough week for us. Luckily all are services have been restored minus our build server that didn't make it.

    It's nice to have a major pain point acknowledge somewhere else beside the Azure status page.

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    @Chris: I’m sorry about your build server and I hope you’ve been able to recover everything as much as possible. 

    The VSTS team posted and postmortem and there’s a preliminary root cause anlaysis out now. I’ll cover it in this week’s episode. 

    Again, I know how much downtime sucks and we’ll continue to be as transparent as we can going forward!

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