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On a very special This week on Channel 9, Brian, Clint, and DAn countdown the top 10 most impactful or game-shifting Microsoft developer announcements/technology of 2010.


Our Top 10 Stories (select top 10 * from TWC9 where year = 2010)

  • [watch] #9 -  .NET Micro Framework and devices like the netduino get cheap ($35 USD) and powerful
  • [watch] #8  -  The Channel 9 Live update launches with improved performance, reliability, and Channel 9 Live takes off hosting a number of execs and technology leaders like Joe Belfiore, Mark Russinovitch, Scott Guthrie, Bob Muglia, and more
  • [watch] #7 - Web development improvements like IIS Express, Web Matrix, Razor syntax/view engine
  • [watch] #6 - Microsoft open source contributions like nuget, CodePlex improvements like free Runtime Intelligence, Live Writer and support for Mercurial, and Microsoft contributing code to jQuery
  • [watch] #5 - PDC announcement by Anders Hejlsberg on how VB and C# will get deep language integration for simplified asynchronous programming,
  • [watch] #4 - Kinect revolutionized user interaction and made Minority Report a little closer to reality and Kinect hobbyist programmers are showing lots of interesting applications and uses for the Kinect sensor (Dan's pick)
  • [watch] #3 - Windows & SQL Azure have incredible velocity when it comes to adding new features, including virtual machine support, elevated privileges, smaller instance size, IntelliTrace support and more
  • [watch] #2 - Windows Phone 7 shows that Microsoft is back in the game with arguably the best developer tools for phone development available (Clint's pick)
  • [watch] #1 - HTML 5 & Internet Explorer 9 show not only the power of Web applications, but also how GPU acceleration of all elements of a Web page can lead to dramatic performance increases
  • [watch] And the #0 story for the year is - Visual Studio 2010 and the .NET Framework 4.which are arguably the most impactful change for developers in their day-to-day job this year. (Brian's pick)

Do you agree with our choices? What would you have added?


Happy Holidays!

Brian, Clint, and Dan



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