TWC9: Best of April Fools Day with Clint Rutkas and Christian Liensberger

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On a special This Week on Channel 9, Clint Rutkas and Christian Liensberger review our favorite April Fools day pranks, including:

- Channel 9 Forum Quality filter
- XKCD goes UNIX command line
- YouTube - New "TextP" video format and how they did it, via Minh in the Coffeehouse
- matchmaking for your personal life
- ThinkGeek moodINQ - Programmable Tattoo System
- ThinkGeek Canned Unicorn Meat
- - Halo Reach multiplayer will be chess-based
- Blizzard - X-treme Gamer Blanket
- Pacman - the movie
- Eilon Lipton - Last GUID used up, new ScottGuID to replace it
- Phil Haack - Closed Source Viral License
- MSDN Sweden - Comment Driven Development

Picks of the week:
- Clint’s pick: Amazing Object Tracking Demo
- Christian's pick: Photoshop's Content aware fill



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The Discussion

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    saving the spot

    downloading the show

    and will comment after i watch it


    thanks clint and christian


    thumbs up as always


    guys now is the ScottGuID also an april fool or what


    really nice show


    thanks for the show

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    So how is the Content Aware fill different than what I had in MS Digital Image Suite Editor 2006?  ... which doesn't work anymore because of MS updates.... and which I wish they'd just put in Live Photo gallery photo editing part.

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    My favorite april fool's joke was when Youtube replaced their old UI with a totally awful one.

  • User profile image

    Never used the MS DIgital Suite so I can't tell you.  All I've seen of the content aware feature in Photoshop CS5 is from that video.  It looks impressive but I'm warry of it until I get to play with it hands on.

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    haha, is it really that bad?  I typically grab my video watching randomness from

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