TWC9: Brewing the News, .NET Standard 2.0 is done, .NET Conf, Eye Typing and more...

Play TWC9: Brewing the News, .NET Standard 2.0 is done, .NET Conf, Eye Typing and more...

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    Great show! Loved the location, links, photobomb by the crew at the end, everything.

    Hey, can we get a shoutout to the .NET Summer Hackfest next week? We're about to start our third session (each session is 2 weeks long, last session wraps up September 1). Lots of great .NET open source projects are hosting community hack events. This is a nice opportunity to learn a new stack, work with shipping .NET Core 2 code, get up to speed on open source if you're new to it, and build something cool.

    Our main info page is here:

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    Thanks and will do!

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    The show is good as always!

    This particular episode is cinematic(I mean moving camera), different angles, focusing & also a different place(MsCafe), not the Studio.

    Nowadays Microsoft(or maybe employees) is being little different, I like it, you guys are making me feel like I'm with you, there at Microsoft(which is my dream) drinking coke & discussing tech---> especially this episode, and live stream at mixer

    Thank you so much


    TWC9 IS LUCKY: I think this is my 1st comment ever on C9 


    And remove that reCAPTCHA (worst) that is the last thing I want to see, I hate it and I don't want to verify that I'm a Human everytime I comment clicking idiotic pictures



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    Very nice show! I am watching Christina and Brian talking, presenting, and having the beer in their hands make me tempted to grab a beer and join you guys.


    @ramabalu: without reCAPTCHA, the comment section will be littered with a ton of garbage posts.

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    The length of the show should be whatever the length needs to be. Don't make it a certain length for an arbitrary reason. Make it 10, 20 or 30 minutes long, whatever the content dictates. Don't add filler or cut content to make it a certain length.


    P.S. reCAPTCHA is fine; sure it's an annoyance, but it's unfortunately necessary.

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    vs code is great.  I hope C9 can produce weekly videos on writing extensions, how electron works, how vs code works.   Are many programmers leaving the .NET space? Now that everyone uses Apple and Android, why code new desktop apps?

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    @SteveRichter: Because business uses it and desktop applications remain the best choice for targeting many aspects of the enterprise. I prefer desktop applications in other situations as well, but that can be debatable.

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    Would love to see more episodes like this were you are both relaxed and chilled out! Prefer this over the studio!

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    Great to hear TWC9 cross-promoting ch9 content.

    @SteveRicher +1

    I'd love to know more about reusable UI component design, for UWP or even re-building Skype from ReactXP (

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    WOW! I guess my 1st comment made TWC9 much more awesome😂

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    Thanks guys for replying @tgrt & @henryqng


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