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TWC9: Bug Bounty, Fast and Easy Containers, Edge Summit, We Still Love MS Paint and more...

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The Discussion

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    I never realized how much I use MS Paint until the announcement of its deprecation was made.

    I'm not using it to draw anything elaborate or to do substantial editing of photos. I'm using it to trim down and clean-up scanned documents, clean-up and annotate screen clips whether for my application documentation or for helping fellow employees, and the occasional minor photo editing.

    There are other programs out there that do that, but Paint is lightweight and out of the way. I don't have to deal with a third party updater, terms of use, new version incompatibilities, etc. It's a simple utility that should be included with the operating system.

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    All of my users have iPads and iPhones.  Why code Windows apps when their reach is so limited?


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    Excellent episode. Good pace. Please do come back to host the show.

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