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    I hope that Microsoft reviews the registration rules for the Build 2017 Conference.

    2016 was the first in many years in which I was unable to register to the Build conference.

    I live in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and here the Build 2016 registration site has gone alive by 9:01:30 h Seattle time. As it happened, the conference was sold out in 45 s, that is 45 seconds before I was able to even try to register. I have a 200 Mb/s fiber optical Internet connection just for my use and a very performant PC, so these were not factors in the delay.

    I have completed the registration in about a minute, a feat by itself, but was put on a waiting list, to never be called back. My local peers were also unable to complete the registration before they were all sold out.

    It is extremely unfair with those developers who, just like me, are not located in continental USA. I am deeply disheartened for not being able to attend the 2016 Build conference.

    There should be a better way to manage this process so that everyone could have an equal opportunity for registering to the conference.

    Eventually, a number of registrations should be reserved for non-USA residents, or there could a pre registration opportunity for us, or any other adequate mechanism could be implemented to guarantee a fair chance for everyone who are really interested in attending the Build conference.

    I hope Microsoft takes a careful close look at this situation, or I will never be able to attend this conference again.

    Eduardo Quintana
    Microsoft Partner

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