TWC9 - Clint Rutkas, Photoshop results, MVC 2 resources galore

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This week on Channel 9, Dan is joined by Clint Rutkas from Coding4Fun to discuss the week's top developer news, including:

- Results from the Dan and Brian Photoshop contest (email Dan at
- Larry Larsen - Bill Buxton on Natural User Interfaces
- Larry Lasen - Ray Kurzweil - Blio WPF reading application (Blio home page)
- James Clark - David Sayed's Step-by-step: How to publish videos on Windows Azure, via Alvin Ashcraft
 - Pete Brown - Scanning documents in WPF using Windows Image Acquisition (WIA)
- Scott Guthrie - Overview of ASP.NET MVC 2
- Scott Guthrie - MVC 2 Strongly Typed Helper Methods
- David Ebbo - MVC User Control Rendering Helpers
- Mike Ormond - 3-part video series on using the SparkView engine with the NerdDinner sample
- Jonathan Carter - 10-4 - Leveraging Model Data and Validation in MVC 2

Picks of the week
- Dan's pick: Adam Kinney's Torn Photo Maker Silverlight application using WriteableBitmapEx
- Clint's pick: Vote for Barbie to be a Computer Engineer



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The Discussion

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    I actually win something and it ends up being because it's one of those everyone wins kinda things Smiley


    One question, Dan. How are you going to know if the people e-mailing you are actually the people who posted the images?

    I have no clue which e-mail address I used to sign up for C9 many years ago so I'm going to e-mail you from my dentaku.web account on gmail.


    Clint, I COULD have animated it but I don't think C9 supports animated .GIFs

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    all these mistakes from dan this show - maybe the effect of the holiday


    any way some comments


    1-youtube vs azure : i can assume that azure will be better but will it be free as youtube ?if it is free this is great


    2-so is this new reader from CES a way to compete againest kindle?


    and i really missed your contest

    if i knew that i will get office 2007 for free i would've done it


    ok new lesson to me to enter any contest you make


    thank you so much for the show

  • User profile image

    Yeah, I definitely felt rusty, it must have been the vacation Smiley


    Azure does cost money so no, it's not free. A fair comparison for Azure is Amazon's S3 storage and Azure isn't trying to be a YouTube service the way the now-discontinued Soapbox service was.


    As for Blio versus Kindle, the Blio hardware hasn't been released so it's really the Blio versus Kindle software and the Blio team is betting that customers will prefer richness (color, interactivity) over the current Kindle experience.


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    Dr Herbie

    Woohoo! Prizes!

    Email sent.  Can't beat free stuff. Big Smile



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    Is SparkView going to be officially supported by Microsoft in the future?

  • User profile image

    I would love to see a movie / gif of that happening.

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