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The Discussion

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    What are your favourite nerd movies Christina?

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    @Martin: Gosh, great question!


    For GOOD nerd movies, I'll say 

    * War Games

    * Sneakers

    * Citizen Four (documentary on Edward Snowden)

    * The Matrix

    * Downloaded (documentary about the rise and fall of Napster)

    * Tron and Tron Legacy (I think Tron Legacy is good!)

    * The Social Network 

    * The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (Swedish or English version)

    * Pirates of Silicon Valley (TV movie but still so good)

    * Triumph of the Nerds (PBS series that is still so good)

    * Silicon Cowboys (documentary about the early years of Compaq)

    * General Magic (documentary that isn't out yet about General Magic, a company that incubated some of the top tech talent and had an impact, even if its products weren't successful. I got to see a screener recently and it's really terrific.)


    For BAD movies that I still love despite their technical inaccuracies and general badness:

    * Hackers

    * The Net

    * Anti-Trust (this one I've only recently started to appreciate. Its a bad movie, but it can be fun to watch)

    * The Italian Job - I'm conflicted here b/c I actually think this is a good movie, but it's not a true nerd movie per se. But Seth Green's character is a hacker and so it counts!


    What are yours?

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    Will have to check some of those out Christina :)

    Enjoyed Avatar again recently - not so nerdy but has some interesting tech

    Watching Black Mirror series 2 at the moment

    Westworld - enjoyed the original movie with Yul Bryyner as well as the new series

    Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy

    From Bedrooms to Billions - documentary of early home computer boom

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