TWC9: Windows 8 Store, Azure Event, SignalR and more

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This week on Channel 9, Dan and Brian are both back and discuss the week's top developer news including:

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The Discussion

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    Silverlight 5 is released and no mention on Channel 9. Sad, very sad Sad

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    @nesher: Yeah I hear you... The thing is that SL5 was released after the show was recorded, which usually happens on Thursday (SL5 was released mid-day Friday), so the show can be edited, encoded, show notes done, published, etc by Friday/Saturday.

    But the SL5 story IS the top story for next week... Smiley

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    David Fowler

    From one of the creators, it is signal R (like a pirate).

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    @David Fowler: Doh! It looks like our second guess was wrong, thanks for the correction!

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    (like a pirate).

    LOL! I love how that's a perfectly understandable phonetic description. Smiley


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    Is the liveSDK "live"?  Can it be used for production WP7 apps now?

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    Jenson's "8 traits" session at BUILD has had the Windows 8 app store sales projections, as quoted here (01:53) redacted.

    The figures are wrong. "point zero five" 0.05 "million dollars" is incorrect.

    $1 app gives a margin of about 70c (ignoring MS bonus efficiencies), so a market share of 0.05% gives 200,000 units sold and $140,000.00 profit.

    I think the speech writer didn't realise that 0.05 is actually 5%, since all the math is out by a factor of 10.

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