TWC9: December 16th - Silverlight 5, Azure, TFS PowerTools and XMPP

Play TWC9: December 16th - Silverlight 5, Azure, TFS PowerTools and XMPP

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    Had a play with Silverlight 5 this week, sweet way to develop an idea I had:

    Still much to learn,that said next step for this particular site is attempting a migration to HTML5 for those people who can't (or won't) run Silverlight!

    BTW Congrats to the Silverlight team for managing to maintain Mac compatibility, the above site works well on my daughters' MacBook!


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    I've love to see some XMPP projects on Coding4Fun

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    silverlight has laways been good but now it is accelerated?nice!
    one of the most underated product avail!i am surprised it isnt known by many!THE BEST PRODUCT!weay better then flash etc!sad tho i dont think there is a youtube style thing for it!most dont even know what silverlight is sadly!i sure hope it get integrated to the html5 plan of ms cause this is the most powerfull tool and html5 will need this when mass adoption start!how come ms have such a big issue letting know the world they have this and that and that!use ms gees!

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    Tim Heuer and ScottGu at the Silverlight Firestarter event about a year ago showed some really neat Layout Transition features, which drastically reduced the effort needed to create fly-in animations without using typical storyboards - using VisualStateManager.LoadTransition.

    But it seems this feature did not make it into RTW. Quite a shame - this was one of the really cool SL5 features (next to PivotViewer)

    Does anyone know why this feature was cut, and its future?

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    It looks like this is one of the last releases. SL is loosing a lot of people. Scott Gu transferred, John Papa left, Phil Haack left...

    Even though I really like SL, I think it is time to focus on HTML5. Because Adobe has great dev tools coming out, and I have yet to see MS Dev tools for HTML5.

    Please bring HTML5 goodness!!! I think all your Expression products should automatically export to HTML5. ScetchFlow and HTML5 what a dream. Blend and HTML5, yummy :)

    Visual Studio and UI designer for XAML that also supports/converts to HTML5 -- that would be awesome.

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