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    best ending EVER ... "where's the record [stop] button"

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    re: Golnaz's pick ... I'm honored to be a small part of what happened this year.  Here's to 2013!  You guys are all awesome!

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    @BobTabor: your stuff is always amazing!

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    @BobTabor and @Clint I used to do some developing back in 2000, and I am now trying to change careers to be a Dot Net developer.

    And the Beginning Series was the greatest resource for me. I'm now on my way to becoming a fulltime developer again.

    Thanks Channel 9 and Bob Tabor.

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    @Dirtbagg: Awesome.  Let me know how I can help.

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    something nice! 

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    @SChandra: Send us an email at I'm on that mailing list and also happen to curate for the Channel 9 Coding4Fun Kinect Gallery, so that's the best bet... Smiley

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    @ Brian Keller or Clint Rukus

    This might not be the right place for this but I thought I would post this here as well as on Robert Greene's show.

    I'm a longtime follower and have enjoyed your programs for a while now; keep up the good work.

    I have a problem I'm going to post here.  I'm trying hard to make the Test Driven Design approach.  I use VS2012 all day every day but I only use 30% - 40% of the stuff that I know is there.  It's also hard to gain traction in the organization with no other subject matter experts.

    I would like to use 80-90% of VS but it's not currently possible without knowing the best practices.

    What I mean by 80%-90% is

    a) Identify all of my problems / items that are needed to produce a piece of software b) Create the items in TFS as Requirements / work items / Bugs c) Create a project inside TFS d) Tie the software to the Requirements e) Complete iteration 1 using Kanban board f) Be able to use Test Cases / Unit Tests g) Be able to use the Test Manager

    My problem is such, I can get started on most if not all of these, but I don't have a series of videos that I can watch for 1 or 2 days take about 3 to 4 hours to familiarize my self with how to tie them all to gether as a ONE MAN shop and complete 1 or 2 projects, so that I can become the subject mater expert and then start implementing this across multiple teams.

    Is there a series out there that will point me in the right direction or can you and Clint Rukus / Brian Keller create something like this?

    I have all of the pieces but I'm having trouble bringing it all together.

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