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TWC9: Go SDK for Azure, PWA tips, important AI papers, and more

Play TWC9: Go SDK for Azure, PWA tips, important AI papers, and more
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The Discussion

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    The DevOps link is broken

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    This show has become the equivalent of a "wall of text". It's like some higher up wants to push thru his own awful idea.

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    @lef:Just fixed it. 


    @ZippyV:What don't you like about the show? We have so many other conversationalist shows on Channel 9 that we were thinking of moving away from that format for a news show and just having it be quick and informative.

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    Quick and informative news format works for me. This is sometimes the only thing I have time to watch in a given week. I will say, the previous format often involved two geeks chilling with drinks, which was a distinctly relaxing joy to watch. I do appreciate that you change the setting every week.

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    Katherin C

    I do really like this weekly news, I appreciate how short and clear it is, and love the style you manage, relaxing and funny while delivering the good information. Thanks!

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