TWC9 - Hack Powerwheels, APIs for Wikipedia, Smooth Streaming, Arduinos and more

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This Week on Channel 9, Dan and Brian are back together to discuss the week's top developer news, including:

  • MIX10 - Windows Phone at MIX10
    • Interesting because: There will be sessions on developing applications and games for the next generation of Windows Phone.
  • MIX 10K Smart Coding Challenge - Build a cool app in under 10K lines of code using HTML 5, Silverlight or WPF.
    • Interesting because: Users get to play and vote for their favorite entries and and the grand prize is a trip to MIX10 including hotel and $1,000 gift card for travel expenses.
  • Scott Hanselman - How many PCs have the .NET Framework installed?
    • Interesting because: Over 90% of PC have some version of .NET installed and over 65% have .NET 3.5 SP1.
  • Tim Higgings - Coding4Fun - Wifi Warthogs - How to article on how to hack a Barbie Powerwheels using a Windows 7 Netbook and a Phidgets microntroller.
    • Interesting because: You can hack your kids Powerwheels and drive them remotely via an Xbox 360 controller.
  • Brian Jepson - Windows 7 driver for Arduino sensors, via Coding4Fun
    • Interesting because: It makes it much easier to use popular Arduino microcontrollers in Windows 7
  • MultiPoint Mouse SDK - Using one PC, you can have multiple mice input
  • Daniel Crenna - A .NET wrapper for Postmark, a service for email delivery for Web apps.
    • Interesting because: It can be a pain (or impossible depending on your hoster) to use and track emails sent through SMTP
    • Note: Service is still in private beta
  • Michael Ballhaus - LinqToWikipedia - use LINQ to query Wikipedia results (live demo, source code), via Greg Duncan
    • Interesting because: It makes it easy to search Wikipedia in .NET and because Michael is following up with a how-to article on building your own LINQ provider
  • IIS team - Smooth Streaming Player Development Kit now available
    • Interesting because: It makes it easier to build a media player, it includes an already built sample player as well as tools to simulate live encoding for test purposes
  • John Papa - Silverlight TV show launches on Channel 9, including MultiTouch, Flash and Silverlight, Out-of-browser apps
    • Interesting because: John's a Silverlight guru, it's developer-to-developer content that shows off cool demos and samples and he gets great guests including Mike Downey (former Adobe evangelist), David Kelly (Silverlight MVP), and Keith Smith from the Silverlight team. 
  • MSDN - New Windows Azure How Do I videos
    • Interesting because: Useful topics like  migrating a database to SQL Azure, managing Azure Services using PowerShell, etc
  • Jonathan Carter - New release of Tailspin Travel
    • Interesting because: Tailspin Travel is an open source sample travel booking Web site using ASP.NET MVC 2 and it now works with VS 2008
  • Intuit - Build Software-as-a-Service applications with QuickBooks data using Windows Azure 
    • Interesting because: Microsoft partenered with Intuit and it's an opportunity for developers to build value-add services for Intuit's platform
  • Help Desk with Chris Pirillo - January 27th at 2PM PST, send questions to @ch9live on twitter or ch9live [at] microsoft [dot] com.
    • Interesting because:  Chris became well-known on TechTV's Call for Help & Screensavers so having him on Channel 9 taking live questions via Twitter will great 
  • Cache My Work - Open source app that re-opens your applications after your PC reboots, via Greg Duncan
    • Interesting because: If you have "automatically apply updates" on, chances are you're PC has rebooted and you've lost what applications were open.

Pics of the week
- Dan's pick: Bill Gates joins Twitter and he's following the Channel 9 user account! Check out TheGatesNotes for Bill's recommendations on learning content
- Brian's pick: - Visual Studio 2010 Beta 2 Virtual Machines available so you don't have to configure VS 2010 or Team Foundation Server.



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The Discussion

  • User profile image

    As always, thanks for the shout-outs guys...


    BTW, I like the new show notes layout. 

  • User profile image

    Thank you for always finding cool stuff.


    As for the show notes, I'm trying to add 1-2 sentences on why someone would care about a link Smiley

  • User profile image

    Has anyone tried downloading the Visual Studio VM and booting it natively in Windows 7 instead of VPC?

  • User profile image

    "Nothing is soon." Ouch. Tongue Out


    That wikipedia thing looks amazing. It's just what I needed for a current project, since using the mediawiki API is a total pain to use. Thanks guys (and Greg).


    Edit: Ugh, didn't think about the fact that you can't reference that DLL in Silverlight. Gonna have to adapt it to a Silverlight class library, I guess. Then again, won't this cause a problem with cross-domain calls?

  • User profile image



    There are several reasons why this won't work (boot to VHD doesn't really work that way), but the biggest is probably the fact that this is Windows Server 2008 R1 (not R2). Boot to VHD requires Win7 or WS08 R2.



  • User profile image

    Glad we could help Smiley


    As for calling the service in Silverlight, yeah, the service would need to have a cross-domain policy file so you'd have to see if one exists. Alternatively, you can proxy the request through your server and use the API on the server-side. Not ideal, but it may be the fastest way to get it done.

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    i like the detailed descriptions.

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    doctoral degree

    Thanks Dan for Great news provided at one point.


    Found Tim Higgings - Coding4Fun - Wifi Warthogs intresting. Thanks

  • User profile image

    Thanks for the positive feedback @doc and @mad -  I'll keep doing detailed posts Smiley

  • User profile image

    Excellent show, with a lot of good stuff!


  • User profile image

    @prillo live show


    love the live stuff and i hope you do more, but do niners really need windows support? dunno.. it will be interesting to se what kind of questions they get Smiley

     if the show should crash i really hope c9 doenst take that as an indication that niners dont want live videos

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    Wow.  You guys invoked "The Finalizer", our battle bot.  I still twitch when I think about it.

  • User profile image

    We're casting a little wider net audience wise for the helpdesk show. We're hoping the Niners who have the technical chops to answer questions can help and that we can attract a wider set of users to the show.

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    I was hopping that you would make the VHD on R2 Smiley

  • User profile image

    Really cool Wikipedia search thing.

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