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TWC9: Happy Birthday Ch9, MIX11, The Nineys & Channel 9 Live

22 minutes, 6 seconds


Right click “Save as…”

This week on Channel 9, Dan and Brian are replaced by (Her Pingness) Laura Foy and (The Foreigner) Nic Fillingham who hijack your regular programming to talk all things MIX11.

We forgot to do picks of the week..... sorry..... Smiley


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  • AuxonRichard.Hein Read it: ​http://bitc​oin.​org/bitcoin.​pdf

    Awww yeah ... I'm getting excited now!  Big Smile Can't wait.  Have to fix a major bug this weekend before I go!  Perplexed

  • felix9felix9 the cat that walked by itself

    well, stared at the black screen to the very end waiting for a hidden scene after credits but nothing happened ..... good music though.

  • Nic Fillinghamnic Easily Distracted

    @felix9: OR DID IT?????? Wink

    @Richard.Hein: Drop by the Channel 9 Live stage and say Hi

  • Allan LindqvistaL_ Kinect ftw

    *woot* i'll be there this time as well, spamming questions Wink

    btw a good tip if you're not physically at mix is to add an additional clock in windows and set it to PST, that way you wont miss a thing.

    also, "you're so foreign", i lol:ed


  • TomTom

    I would have spelled it Nine'ies

  • Nic Fillinghamnic Easily Distracted

    @aL_: That is an EXCELLENT tip. Looking forward to your tweets next week Smiley

  • felix9felix9 the cat that walked by itself

    Mmm....you should adjust your clock on your server too.

    I remember on PDC10 the web app was still 'waiting' for the keynote to start after it had actually started for half of an hour, people have to dig into the data xml to find out the actuall video url of the keynote. dont do this again.


  • Nic Fillinghamnic Easily Distracted

    @felix9: There were a number of "learnings" from PDC10 and we'll be doing our very best not to repeat them for MIX11

  • Is Laura rockin' a Blackberry on the table next to her laptop? Smiley Where's that WP7?

  • I was gonna ask the same thing.

    , cwilliams wrote

    Is Laura rockin' a Blackberry on the table next to her laptop? Smiley Where's that WP7?

  • Adam SpeightAdam​Speight2008 The Bandito Coder

    I would've call it the Ch-inys, because of all the facial fuzz (psst Laura you need a shave) Scared

    What Laura doing at the start? mmm is she getting use to wearing "Hostess" uniform for the Limo ride.

  • @aL_: I already asked that to the PDC team... they should put a "what is this time in your timezone"-option when they hold conferences and air them.  "They" thaught it was a good idea, but they hadn't the time anymore to include it back then, I'm curious about MIX11 though Smiley

  • @dentaku: Ha- it is definitely NOT a blackberry. It's an old HTC Ozone (Windows device) that I still use on occassion.


  • Allan LindqvistaL_ Kinect ftw


    oh and by the way, if you're using the windows 'additional clocks' (or any other clock) make sure you set it to UTC-7 and not UTC-8!

    There is a preset time zone in there called PST, but due to daylight savings the actual time at mix is UTC-7 not PST(UTC-8)


    actually.. strike that, it seems like if you set it to PST(-8) windows is actually applying daylight savings and using PDT(-7) automatically. setting it to utc-7 seems to give you the same time

    i used this page to compare

  • felix9felix9 the cat that walked by itself

    actually there are multiple items for UTC-7 and UTC-6 and they are different !

    however the two UTC-8 items both give me the correct PDT as in timeanddate.com

  • athmanathman

    so Laura if i participate in the contest you do in the ch9live and win will i get the gift this time or not like last year

    last year u selected most people who tweeted asking during the ch9live and bring people from the event to represent us and ask them question and whom wins he and the one he represent in tweeter get a gift


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