TWC9: HoloLens + Lumia + Surface + Band + Windows 10 = Awesome Hardware Announcements

Play TWC9: HoloLens + Lumia + Surface + Band + Windows 10 = Awesome Hardware Announcements

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    The hardware event was really good. I'm a huge supporter of the Surface Pro line. I went to the Microsoft store here in Atlanta earlier today and preordered my i7 variant after checking it out in person. I brought my Surface Pro 2 for comparison.

    I'm really impressed with the fit and finish. The pen feels good and they brought back what they took away from it in the Pro 3 line. The palm detection is much improved and doesn't continually activate things on the task bar like it does on my Pro 2 with Windows 10. (It wasn't a problem on Windows 8.1 due to apps like Fresh Paint being full screen.) The only thing I'm leery about is the thinner glass and what that will mean for drop durability.

    I was also excited at first about the Lumia 950. Then I was completely let down when I found out it won't work on the Verizon network. And not just because of not being able to get the phone, but because I feel this is the kind of hardware that will drive adoption. That's never going to happen without having support on the two major networks. You guys have to get this right, because I don't want to be stuck with either a fruit phone or a malware phone.

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    Thx for including my comment on the show.

    OzBobWa - "OzBob W A", is Oz = Australia (hence the kangaroo), and Wa, is Western Australia,

    Although Washington State looks like a great place to visit. Good luck to The One who may get to go their if they get picked:  #Windows10 challenge #RockedIt


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