TWC9: Imagine Cup, Azure deploy in 30s, MVC Roadmap, VS & ALM Feedback

Play TWC9: Imagine Cup, Azure deploy in 30s, MVC Roadmap, VS & ALM Feedback
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This week on Channel 9, Dan and Brian discuss the week's top developer news, including:


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The Discussion

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    Dan, we could hit the Dresden.

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    @cbae: Sure, this place is dead anyways Smiley

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    Just to get some life into this dead place.

    Great show guys! I watch every week but do not always comment. Great to see the dev news in one place and have the links at hand to get to more information. You guys are doing an awesome job even if it does not inspire a lot of comments here I'm sure a lot of developers are going to the blog posts and posting comment over there.

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    @Dan:Dead? I'd call it intimate, 

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    Maddus Mattus


    no comment Wink

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    I agree @adamSpeight2008 I would call it an intimate conversation, but not dead. You guys are always entertaining—keep the shows coming! Is it really true that at Microsoft you’re supposed to buy a pound of m&ms for every year you’ve been with the company? Or more importantly, did you find out if you have to configure remote desktop services for Azure?

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    @TuneUp: M&M's are tradition, but not required. That's probably a good thing with the average tenure of MSFT employees increasing all of the time. And YES - I found out the RDP thing. It's actually a requirement not for RDP itself but so that the accelerator can actually instrument the deployment steps which are required. It uses the same port.

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    Imagine Cup is the BEST competition for students Big Smile

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