TWC9: Build Hackathon, TypeScript 0.9, WintellectNOW, eBook Bonanza and more

Play TWC9: Build Hackathon, TypeScript 0.9, WintellectNOW, eBook Bonanza and more

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    Promo code for WintellectNOW CH9-13 is scam, you can only watch 4 videos: IntelliTrace, Performance Counters, Authoring jQuery Plugins, Getting Started with Windows Azure. Don't waste your time registering for that site. And even the videos they have is of lower quality (in terms of cotent) than that you find here in channel9.

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    @Umesh: The 14 free trial promo code worked just fine for me and once I sighed up I had full access to all the content.

    If you don't want to go the trail path, the four sessions are free for everyone...(you don't even need to log in or create an account).

    One thing to note: This is a "normal" trial account kind of offer. So you'll need to create an account, enter billing information, etc. If before 14 days are over, you don't want to be billed you can cancel. OR even easier, you can edit your profile/subscription information and turn off the auto-convert. That way you don't have to remember to cancel....

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    Thanks for including the free eBooks offer post in your show and sharing the opportunity with your viewers! I hope they can use them and enjoy the content.

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