TWC9: Microsoft Surface, Windows Phone 8, Azure, Imagine Cup and Pi!

Play TWC9: Microsoft Surface, Windows Phone 8, Azure, Imagine Cup and Pi!

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    Michael Hansen

    regards to havok , you got to have a contract with microsoft smilar to xbox live in order to use any middle ware for windows 8 tablets and phone

    allso windows 8 phone does not support custom shaders or hardware float point unless you have a contract with microsoft

    and it is not possible to get this ,,

    so it end here ,, this is only for a selected few developers

    when are you gonna report somthing for every one..
    can use to create games

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    You forgot (?!) to add in your top story that current Windows Phone devices will not get upgrate to version 8. Any comments about this "greate" feature?

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    Current Windows Phones will get a 7.8 update. It's something but one can't expect to get updates on a device that does not have the hardware to allow the features. (ie. NFC, Removable Storage, etc...)  If you watch the Windows Phone Summit they talk through this.

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    Interesting... what is your source regarding the custom shaders?

    And yes, 7.8 so far is insultingly thin in features. Smoked by Windows Phone, indeed Sad

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    I have watched this and only thanks that I know about this "issue". Now on TWC9, Ping! and probably more channels they are exiting about WP8 but no one will tell you than current customers have to buy new devices. Everyone expected that WP8 will be available for current devices. And boom they create new OS not compatible with 7.x! Who will now create apps for old system? Now they guarantee 18 months support, haha, does anyone trust theme now?


    In addition, what do you know about the super secret 7.8 update? Nothing, except that will introduce the new start screen. But when? Anything more? Will we get next updates? Have you ever been on User Voice for Windows Phone? There are hundreds of requests. Guess, how many are marked as Planned or even Under Review. The answer is: zero, null. Does it mean that WP7.X is dead?

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    looking forward .net version of Raspberry Pi.

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