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TWC9: Kinect, OData, Cassandra library, & TechEd Sessions now available

17 minutes, 21 seconds


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This week on Channel 9, Dan and Brian discuss the week's top developer news, including:

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  • rhmrhm

    Dan is so right about invert y-axis. I have zero respect for any gamer that gives it the old "up is up" spiel because they clearly haven't thought about what they're saying at all. And anyway, how could you disagree with The Gu! Wasn't there some kind of seismic shudder across the campus when Brian said that?

  • Where I can find the TechEd video sessions?



  • Duncan MackenzieDuncanma "yeah that's awful close, but that's not why I'm so hard done by"

    The TechEd sessions are at http://www.msteched.com

  • Allan LindqvistaL_ Kinect ftw

    kinect == hotness Smiley

    15 games has been announced for launch and they are all sort of biased towards the casual market.. however there have been some hints about plans to do deeper games possibly including head tracking :O seems like microsoft folks arent allowed to talk about that though Smiley i guess they want to focus on the casual now, atleast from a marketing prespective..


    still a coulpe of worries, what about sitting down? i understand them not showing sitting downinteraction for the games for for the menu surely that should have been shown to relive peoples worries. and what about coffetables? oh well.. maybe at GC Smiley

  • Greg Duncangduncan411 It's amazing what a professional photographer can do...

    Thanks as always for the shout-out guys...


    On a related note, when I saw the OData video, I immediately went to an OData wiki I'm active on to add a link to it, only to realize that's where you got the video from! LOL. So while the wiki isn't "mine" nor the video, I AM adding links to all the OData stuff I find during my daily feed reading, so felt it was kind of a double-shout-out day.  Smiley


    BTW, I've just added the World Cup OData feed to it. Smiley




    Thanks again guys


    PS. There's also already a link to the TechEd OData feed ... Wink

  • BasBas It finds lightbulbs.

    The games announced for Kinect lacked the innovation I was hoping for, but I'm really dissapointed by the lack of dashboard controls. The fact that you have to launch a separate menu is bad enough, but why did they go for the cursor controls that are -exactly- the same as the Wii menu? I was waiting for something to show me how Kinect makes stuff possible that is impossible to do with the Wiimote/Move, but instead they showed us an interface that is exactly the same as the Wii. Why didn't they, for instance, put your avatar in the middle and surround him with launch buttons so that you can have your avatar point to the menu option you want, like they did in that Wii Fit Your Shape fitness game? That looked great.


    Even better though would have been just staying in the dashboard. Why can't you control that by, for instance, swiping left and right to scroll through the tiles and swiping up and down to move through the different categories? Add a 'push hand forward' gesture to launch the currently selected tile, and you're done. That would've been great, but instead, we're stuck with a separate menu and goofy cursor controls?


    I don't know guys. The hardware still blows me away, but I didn't find that any of the applications in any way fulfilled the device's potential.


    I have to sort of side with Brian in that down is not always up. For planes, naturally, but you really have to look at it on a per-case basis. In an FPS, for instance, up is up. In the case of the cannon, though, I'd suggest that up is down. Sorry Brian. I still want to see that Gu challenge take place, by the way.

  • Dan FernandezDan

    LOL - I'm personally afraid for Brian's well-being now Smiley

  • Dan FernandezDan

    We'll be talking to some of the Kinect guys, it'll be interesting to hear why the decision was made. Perhaps they didn't have enough time to Kinect-enable all of the dashboard features (there's a lot in there) or maybe it was a usability issue. Don't know, but the Xbox team I'm sure is working on ensuring that there's a good answer for both controller & no-controller gamers.


    As for the apps, they are the classic casual game market games. For me personally, Kinect Adventure and the star wars game looked fun to me. But it would've been good to show one "non-casual" title to really show the promise of the platform like they did with Milo.


    The obvious ones to me are games like Dead or Alive or like the Your Shape game, a game that tracks your whole body to learn moves. Specifically it would be a game to learn/train different styles of karate/kung fu/MMA by tracking your movements. Get the licensing rights to Karate Kid and just wait for the news stories to come in about 15 year-old kids stopping robbers based on the karate moves they learned using Kinect.






  • BasBas It finds lightbulbs.

    That's what I was thinking. If they woudve just shown something different, like Milo was at the time, or even some of the Kinect features in Fable 3 (Molyneux was right there and all he did was announce a trailer), it would've gone a long way into taking away the "Kinect is just for Wii style party games" feeling that seemed to permeate the entire show. I'm looking forward to those videos with the Kinect guys anyway.

  • Tomasz Wisniewskiwisnia Tomasz Wisniewski

    Cool to see so much OData news Smiley

    I did a session on OData today during Virtual Study Conference (http://conf2010.virtualstudy.pl/?lang=en).


    The only thing I'm missing in LINQPad is something like OData Visualizer which can be downloaded in VS 2010 Smiley

  • Allan LindqvistaL_ Kinect ftw

    the only reason i can imagine is time pressure and recognition factor for wii users.. still think its a bad approach though. bas is right on the money, they should have used the flipping analogy that they've even showed in the concept video..


    i dont even get how that could be more time consuming that what they did.. they already did controller emulation with the burn out demo and that would be the the only thing needed for the dashboard flipping


    did you guys see the gizmodo (or was it engadget) video where they try out the dashboard? if they stepped slightly closer to the camera, the software thought some part of them was tryig to select something...


    and hold to select? what the.. as bas said, the your shape approach would be awsome, but if not that, why not pinch your thumb and index finger? that would be so much more natrual..

    oh well, its not final builds yet.. still they are not taking advantage even a fraction of kinects potential..


    i'd really love a video with those guys though, there must be some reason for doing what they did. hopefully ints not a technical limitation, but who knows.. any kinect content it awsome anyway Smiley

  • Getulio DominguesGetulio Getulio

    I'm brazilian a for you to know Natal is the capital city of the state of Pernambuco where the engineer (a brazilian to) who proposed the Project Natal is from

  • Clint RutkasClint I'm a "developer"

    For flight controls, I agree with inverted, for games like halo, sorry, up is up.

  • Clint RutkasClint I'm a "developer"

    what you saw at e3 isn't final software Smiley 

  • rhmrhm

    Heh, I wondered if anyone would take my bait Smiley


    Thing is, there is no 'up' on your controller. You're holding a joypad more or less horizontally - the sticks are moving forward/backward and left/right. You don't have any problem with that when it comes to the stick that moves your character around the floor. Mapping forward motion of the stick to up on screen is just an abstraction and it's one that makes sense in 2d, but it's unnecessary baggage to take that into the 3d world.


    If you have good spatial awareness (like Dan and The Gu obviously do Smiley ) then you'd find it more natural to think of the stick as part of the 3d world - you push it forwards, it's leaning forwards, which in a normal world would mean it's looking down; pull back and you're looking up - the same thing you do with your own actual head.


    But hey, continue to say 'up is up', just know that when you do, you're thinking in 2d Smiley

  • BasBas It finds lightbulbs.

    It's not likely to be dramatically different either though, is it? Because frankly that's the only thing that'd give me a bit more hope about Kinect.

  • Maybe you'll respect me after a 1:1 deathmatch. Smiley

  • Allan LindqvistaL_ Kinect ftw

    so ive heard.. some one said sports and adventures where 'about 85-90% there' and there is nothing stopping microsoft from dropping another NXE later on, thats the beauty of connected consoles Smiley hopefully they do somthing about that dash board though.. in the time my mom will understand where the cursor is, whe will have held it still long enough to select something. confusion will ensue..

  • Clint RutkasClint I'm a "developer"

    All i said was it wasn't final software.  It comes out in November, many months between now and then.

  • Clint RutkasClint I'm a "developer"

    i'll do some rounds in Halo and lets see who wins.  Gamer Tag:  Bob Dole

  • Allan LindqvistaL_ Kinect ftw

    true, that is all you said, however in an interview with entgadget, a microsoft rep was quoted with those numbers.. Smiley

  • No iPod version available? Not that it's REALLY needed, but... Smiley

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