TWC9: Last Show of 2014, Orleans, Bing Developer Assistant, VSO news and more...

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This week on Channel 9, Nikola and Vlad discuss the week's top developer news, including;

Picks of the Week!

Feedback? Tell us what you think!

[20:19] Since this is the last show of the year, we'd like to take this time for a short retrospective and to get your feedback.

  • What can we do better? More of (or less of)?
  • Do you like the new host rotation?
  • Do you like the "new" TWC9?
  • Is the show too short or too long?
  • Are we bringing you the right news?
  • Something else?

Please leave a comment or email us at

Lastly, from all the TWC9 hosts, and the Channel 9 team, we wish you and yours Happy Holidays, Happy Hanukkah, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Thank you all for a great year and we'll see you all next year! :)



The Discussion

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    i watch this show for many years, here is my View

    1-i Am Sorry to say that but Jeremy foster and Nikola Metulev Are Great But 2 Other Persons Have Strong Accent And For Someone Like me this Is So Boring and Stunner

    2-some times changes are not good, it seems old hosts chose contents of show, because somethings in topics changes (somethings not important present in the show).

    3-time of show is good

    thank you for all your works

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    I love this show :) this show keeps me updated. I love Vlad's accent :) you rock mate

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    Quy Hy

    I watch this show every week for years and I was really sad when Dan and Brian left. The first episodes of you two made me miss the old hosts so much, but I am impressed that you guys improve so quickly.

    I have to say that the new hosts are still not as funny and interesting as the old ones, but things are getting there (I hope soon).

    Thanks for all the hard work and keeping the show alive. And happy new year to you all!!

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    I just noticed that when you play the video there are the "CC" options - those who are having trouble with the accent can turn that on.

    Just think of it as increasing your Gloabl Citizen Karma points.

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