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TWC9: Last Show of 2017 with Qbits, Hardhat Hololens, Azure bots, Mainframe Christmas Cards and more...

Play TWC9: Last Show of 2017 with Qbits, Hardhat Hololens, Azure bots, Mainframe Christmas Cards and more...

The Discussion

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    Not a fan of the new format; this felt very scripted, whereas the conversations were more natural and casual.

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    Doctor Who

    The format of this show was fine for me. It appeared as a news broadcast, which is fine. Although I've aiso enjoyed the conversational approach. Either works for me. Perhaps it would be good to mix it up and one an episode like this one every now and then, but the conversational pieces on a regular basis.

    I'd like to say thanks to Greg Duncan for his help on TWC for the last few years. Great job, my friend. :)

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    Definitely the old format is way better. Conversation between the hosts is the key of the show and they can express their opinions on the news in more natural way.

    Sad to see both Duncan and C4F going away :'( . But, Thank You Duncan for all these years :)

    Edit: One more thing! Instead of having 1 Pick of the Week, we can have 2 Picks of the Week :D by having another co-host.

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    I also like the old / conversational style better. It was really one of the highlights of my week.

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    The video is 10 mins. It felt like 20 mins while I was watching it. Please bring back the old format. If you truly want to improve the Ch9 website, please add a feature for visitor to thumb up/down the comment.

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    The old format is much better!

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    "Life is strange. And awesome." :D

    The classiness of the new format looked great. Not quite as fun, but for a 10 minute weekly show, I can see how finding a new bar every week might be getting to be a little much from a production standpoint.

    Slide wise, I would stay with the old format of zooming in full-screen on the slides so it breaks the topics up a bit into clear, digestible chunks; plus we can see the slide content better. But still zoom back out before the next topic so we still get some face time with the host. 

    See you in 2018.

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    I think it's great that I can access your content through YouTube. I find this site buggy and not particually pleasent to use. However you keep plugging that the content is available on YouTube but it isn't really. It's sporadically updated and in fact this very video isn't even on there.

    I imagine you're only dipping your toes into YouTube and watching the views to see if it's worth more effort. But by not having content parity, I still have to come back here which defeats the point in the first place. I feel that the YouTube experiment is setup to fail.

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    @DanRevell: Hey Dan! We will definitely work on keeping the YouTube page up to date. You will find that a lot of shows (Visual Studio Toolbox and Azure Fridays) are already hosted on YouTube on the Visual Studio and Azure YT page. So we will just link to those via playlists. I can assure you, the move to YouTube will stay :) We are actually going to publish a few shows this year that are exclusively on YouTube.

    And thank you @Spurgeon:@shaovoon:@ramabalu:@ancientitguy:@ancientitguy:@watermelon:@Doctor Who:@csrakowski:for all the feedback! We really appreciate it. We might stick to this format on a one-off basis in case we can't secure a second host or a new location to film in. Keep commenting and giving us feedback, we really do listen!

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    ahh man...
    I feel like to be watching youtube.

    don't try hard, I don't believe you even understand what you're saying.

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    The new format isn't bad, but I prefer the old format much more.

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    quantum computing is a hoax, AI is a fraud, bots are for dorks and FSB trolls, is MS doing anything relevant? format stinks, bubuye chan 9

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    Format was ok for a once every now and again. I like a mixture of content and presenters and formats.  

    As I always suggest: please cross promote other ch9 content.

    I'm now consuming mostly via itunes podcast and don't get to comment as much as I used to due to the Apple Podcast app.


    Maybe if there were deep links into the Ch9 app in the show description? I'm not sure if Apple allow clickable links in the itunes:summary node.... have an experiment ...


    and finally @sethjuarez should do another show while the PNW (thanks @KaitlineMcKinnon) beard is still on ! :)

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