TWC9: Launch is a Go[ne]! VS 2017 News, Tips, Related Posts, 20 Years in Review and more...

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    Time is very precious to me. I go to This Week ON Channel 9 every Sunday morning with my cup of coffee to watch all the new releases and update activities from Microsoft and others. Thanks for the summary of VS 2017 launch features and other announcements. Nikola's Pick of the Week about Hololens is awesome.

    Keep up the good work Greg, Vlad, and Nikola.



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    @henryqng: Thank you for the kind words, let us know if you believe there is anything we can do to make the show better. 

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    I admire you are the future, thank you very much, thank you

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    I'll let you know if anything else should be included. So far, so good you guys are doing great. 


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