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    I had a MSX and later a MSX2. Not only popular in Japan and Korea, but Latin America and Europe.

    We setup one of the first computer labs with MSXs for education in the mid 80's.

    Z80 processor (8 bit) at 3.58 MHz, nice Basic and support for Floppy Drives (5 1/4", 360 K) on MSX2.

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    I had a MSX2 form Philips with built in 3.5" flopy drive. I learned programing with it. Vera cool device!

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    I had a MSX 1, my first computer. very popular in Brazil. I had one from Sharp, called HotBit. I used to have floppy drive, matricial printer, mouse and modem as well. I could connect BBS(internet of that time). And a lot of games and tools. 64k ram memory. Konami and Hudson released many games titles, like original metal gear.

    Its Microsoft's first home computer, MSX-DOS was based on MS-DOS. Similar file systems. In Brazil was used even in Businesses and schools. 

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