TWC9: MIX10, Tweevo, Silverlight Augmented Reality, testing

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This week on Channel 9, Dan and Brian discuss the week's top developer news, including:

  • Mike Swanson - MIX 10 Recap
    • Interesting because: MIX10 is going to be BIG this year and Mike discusses everything going on with the event 
  • Coding4Fun - Brian Peek - Tweevo (download) - A free, open source application to have your Tivo Tweet what you're recording
    • Interesting because: This is cool if you're a Tivo user and want to know what your Tivo is doing while you're busy at work Smiley
  • Ayende Rahien - LINQ to SQL Profiler released, enables you to see which LINQ statement created a query
    • Interesting because: It shows the SQL being generated by your LINQ queries
  • Mike Taulty - Silverlight 4 TCP Sockets video
    •  Interesting because: Mike has an 8 part series on networking with Silverlight
  • Somasegar - Key Software Development Trends
    • Interesting because: Brian makes the point that testing is now a 1st class citizen 
  • Adam Kinney - Ryan Lee creates Gesturecons, a set of free icons to describe touch gestures
    •  Interesting because: For touch interaction, a picture is worth a thousand words, and they look cool
  • System.Net team - FAQ on System.Uri, via Greg Duncan
    • Interesting because: You should really use System.Uri instead of strings where you can
  • Code Project - How to automate software using WPF UI Automation
    • Interesting because: It's an underused, yet incredibly handy feature that lets you automate manual tests of an application  
  • Mercurial Integration with Visual Studio on CodePlex, via DotNetKicks
    • Interesting because: It's a visual step-by-step tutorial on how to use CodePlex's Mercurial integration inside of Visual Studio
  • Automated Tester: How to use Selenium and NUnit together
    • Interesting because: Selenium is a good, free option for Web testing and Brian compares it to Visual Studio's Web testing tools
  • Web Distortion - 60 .NET libraries every developer should know
    • Interesting because: It's always interesting to find new and useful APIs
Picks of the week!
  • Dan's pick - Rene Schulte's Silverlight Augmented Reality Toolkit (SLAR) is now available on CodePlex, via Alvin Ashcraft
  • Brian's pick Robocode .NET Beta - A Terrarium-esque programming game where you build a tank and battle against other tanks programmed in C# of Java, perfect for C# versus J# 
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    The Discussion

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      Woot Woot , CH9 Live @ MIX !!



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      Hey!  To set the record straight, *I* didn't record Access Hollywood.  My TiVo recorded those things as Suggestions.  That's what the (S) appended to the tweet means.  I have little to no control over it.  Tongue Out


      Feel free to make fun of the non-(S) recordings though.  There are plenty of crappy shows I actually DO watch.

    • User profile image

      Ok, since the "S"s are off limits, how about...

      Cheaters: "Husband has another woman"

      Cheaters: "Boyfriend has found someone new"

      Cheaters: "Wife gives her love to someone new"



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      See?  Told you I watch plenty of crappy shows you can make fun of.  Smiley

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      LOL, Isn't it worse that your Tivo has decided based on your TV tastes that you would like shows like Access Hollywood?!

    • User profile image

      It's not based solely on taste.  For a while, it thought I loved Univision and Spanish television.  Though, El Sabado Gigante is pretty great.

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      Codeplex supports Mercurial?

    • User profile image

      Wow apparently it does.

    • User profile image

      OK, so it took me 8 episodes to notice... but I'm lovin' the increase to 1280x720 for the Hi-Res WMV download.

    • User profile image

      Twittering Tivo is the latest result of more disk space. I am glad that in the future I will be able to show the public how much I love to watch TMZ make fun of people.  

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      sandeep krishna mohan

      sir i wan to develop a mobile augmented reality application plz kindly  let me know wheter slartoolkit will be useful for me or not please kindly mail me sirr

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