TWC9: Win8, VS11, Metro, Windows Phone SDK v7.1.1, TouchDevelop and more

Play TWC9: Win8, VS11, Metro, Windows Phone SDK v7.1.1, TouchDevelop and more

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    great stuff Smiley

    What i'd really like to know is if writing desktop apps using winRT xaml will be supported in windows 8.. Some clever folks at mdl have already shown its possible, but will it actually be supported?

    I really hope so because there is absolutley no reason why desktop apps shouldnt get the added performance and winRT contract goodness...


    Also, since VS now uses the blend designer, does that mean behaviors are supported in VS? are they baked into the framework even? that would be really great!


    the Odata thing in web API is kind of hazy to me.. you can expose odata feeds with webapi by returning a IQueryable from your action, but what about the other features of Odata? for exampel OOdata supports dynamic data models and i dont see how that'd work with IQueryable.. and what about Odata updates and inserts? so many questions Smiley

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    Can't play TWC9 podcast downloaded videos on my WP7. Only show that consistently fails! What's up

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    @mfisher: what file are you downloading?

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    Mike Fisher

    I am not sure really. Whatever one shows up on the windows phone podcast selection. I think there is only 1. I can view other channel 9 videos the same way. So far the TWC9 seems to consistently fail with "can't play this file"

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