TWC9: Windows 8 and Azure, Rx v2, Metro Advertising SDK, Portable libs and more

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This week on Channel 9, Dan and Brian discuss the week's top developer news, including:

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Post Production Note: To head off the comments... After finishing the show Brian went and double checked his reference to screenshots in the Windows Phone 7 emulator . I think his statement was, "Doh!" The WP7 emulator does indeed have a built in screenshot capability already.



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The Discussion

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    The Window Phone 7 emulator does support taking and saving screenshots. Smiley

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    @JohnEgbert:Yep, my bad. Smiley We added a post-production note (above) to that effect as soon as I realized my mistake after filming, but thanks for keeping us honest John!

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    @briankel: but that shouldn't take away from the awesome comment "awkward" ! great show guys, keep up the great work!

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    Travis Brown

    TWC9: Windows 8 and Azure, Rx v2, Metro Advertising SDK, Portable libs and more

    Nice video:) I wanted to explane how I think of the new windows platform and how different it is and the thing is I like it I love the change that Microsoft has done with the new Windows. People around my area and on youtube dont like it and have some video's that dont make sense on it and making a point showing people how people use it and doing a little research on your os is kind of a bathtice way to make a point:) I love you Microsoft Good work And I love this channel:)

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    Guys, the MP4 download no longer plays on my Android device. What did you change?!

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