TWC9: VS11 RC UI Updates, Portable Library v2 Beta, Hilo for Win 8 and more

Play TWC9: VS11 RC UI Updates, Portable Library v2 Beta, Hilo for Win 8 and more

The Discussion

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    Grumble. Some of us really liked the fact that the only color was in the code. I use keyboard shortcuts and I already know which buttons do what, so I don't need my attention drawn *away* from the code by splashes of color.

    I know that's not the majority view but as you've already gone to themes anyway, I for one would be very happy if I could still use beta dark. The code is all I care to see in color.

    But whatever. It's the compiler I need, so I'll still be using it even if the UI is dayglo orange zebra stripes over a background image of a plate of fish.

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    About 27 years ago, Bill Cosby's trustworthyness died when he uttered the words "I like this one better !" during a commercial rolling out the "New Coke". So much for Bill's value in promoting products thereafter. Fast forward to TWC9 on Feb 12, 2012, during which Brian Keller said of the changes to the VS11 interface "I think it's a good change...".

    Cudos to Microsoft for taking a page from the Coca Cola playbook, reacting to user feedback and returning color to the interface. Without even seeing a screenshot, the UI has to be better what was put forward. Not quite as bad as "Microsoft Bob" but certainly similar to the UI of OS2 (any color as long as it's gray). The Win 3.0 UI won in part because it was clean, color on a white background, while OS2 just looked dirty -  kinda like the UI of VS11.

    P.S. We sincerly hope Microsoft doesn't throw Brian under the bus like Coca Cola did with Cosby.

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    I like the Version and update information tool. It's been a challenge to keep Visual Studio up to date. I wish that all the updates came through the same channel, like the extension manager.


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    Vs RC looks a lot better except for the all caps menus (obviously) but i'm a bit bummed that they only showed the light theme and not the dark theme.. all in due time i guess Smiley

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    I am not sure that colour blind people like myself are going to find the "splashes" of colour any easier, but full colour icons are definitely easier to isolate in my mind.  Oh well, progress, hopefully.


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    @aL_: I agree, I like the changes, although I'm personally not a fan of the capitalization for menu items. That said, if there's a way to customize the font for the menu items, I wonder how many people would actually make that change.

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    @gahayden:LOL! This was one of my favorite ever comments on TWC9. Thanks for making me smile.

    And hey... being included in the same category as Bill Cosby isn't necessarily a bad thing in my book. Smiley

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    @aL_:Yep, it won't be long before you see more of the dark theme - it wasn't quite ready at the time that blog post was written which is the reason you didn't see screenshots.

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