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    Afternoon, you guys I am brand new, and I have never done anything in this area, and I have never been one to hang back and let the world go by . I am visually impaired and I seek out ways to make things easier, and I truly believe that if one has the need for a way to stay in touch with the world , and what is going on around them, then stepping into a completely different level of learning, and understanding is scary one, so be it. 

    I am very soon going to have to create a new website, and I understand that you guys are way beyond the basic Website and the small stuff , but I clicked on to you because I could feel the willingness to bring creativity to the one's that truly want to learn, and I have always gone to the best, and again , I may be way out of my relm, but I to do the best I can in my new adventure and I hope my feelings are right !



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