TWC9: New Features in Silverlight 5, VB for WP7, Okapi, and Movember

Play TWC9: New Features in Silverlight 5, VB for WP7, Okapi, and Movember
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This week on Channel 9, Dan and Brian are reunited to discuss the week’s top developer news, including:

Picks of the week!

  • [watch] Brian Keller – Visual Studio 2010 Feature Pack 2, a free for MSDN subscribers tool which includes a lot of new features like coded UI tests
  • [watch] Dan Fernandez – Microsoft’s participation in Movember, including a disturbing photoshopped photo by Larry Larsen and a video of Microsoft participants in Movember (click here to donate for Dan)



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The Discussion

  • User profile image

    Wow! THanks Microsoft for participating in Movember. Here's a quick video
    you will like for <ovember called "Grow a Muzzy-PHOTO version"
    Chhers, Marsh from up north

  • User profile image

    With the green screen I thought you might have done a tribute Leslie Neilsen, a la Police Squad.

    This Week on Channel 9 in Color,

    Starring Dan Fernandez

    Also starring Brain Keller

    and Rex Hamilton as Abraham Lincoln

    Tonight's Special guest star Charles Torres

    Tonight's Episode: The Rotten Apple.


    Background the classic Frank Drebin car journey.

    Or fool with the TrickPlay Users, one talks faster the other slower. And the end do the false ending where everyone freezes except for one.

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    Hey, trick play! I had no idea that'd be in there. I've been waiting for this feature on Channel 9 since... being on Channel 9. I always download the videos and play them at 1.4x speed, this'd allow me to just use the Silverlight player right away.

    Also maybe *cough* this *cough* *cough* can be reopened at some point. Smiley

    Also: Dan should grow that mustache again for the next C9 Halloween video, because man that looked terrifying.


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    "HTML5 is dead" hahahahaha

    Can't stop laughing:)

  • User profile image

    HTML5 is dead.

    LOL. Just f***ing kill H5, MSFT. God I hate those JS junk apps. Make it happen.

  • User profile image
    Joe Chung

    Like the "junk app" that let you post here telling Microsoft to kill HTML 5?  Did you not notice that you were on a Web site?

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    Welcome back Brian!

    As promested, the interview from TechEd Europe is now up at (for all interviews) or for just yours.

    Thanks again for taking the time to sit down and talk with me! And great show!

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    @AdamSpeight2008: Man, we should have you write a script for us, that'd be hilarious!

  • User profile image

    @Bas: We'll definitely add it to Channel 9 once SL 5 officially releases.

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    VS Feature Pack 2 isn't available for MAPDD subscribers. Sad

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    Another thing you can do with the green screen is displaying what just recorded as the background. Then you get that cool and trippy effect of the infinite tunnel.

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