TWC9: VS11, HTML5, Debugging, and guest host Habib Heydarian

Play TWC9: VS11, HTML5, Debugging, and guest host Habib Heydarian
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The Discussion

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    Is this the Charles Torres Tribute Edition? ~40 minutes!

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    Peter Kuhn's demos look promising. I've been interested in seeing a WP7 MIDI controller app even before UDP was available and these demos show that it IS possible to send controller data from a Mango device to a PC with very little latency, which is of course what you need when sending MIDI CC or NoteOn/Off data from a mobile device.

    I'd love to see something like TouchOSC or even Control on WP7.5.

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    @AdamSpeight2008:Haha - when I looked up at the end of the show I had no idea so much time had passed. I could talk to Habib forever - he's a very interesting guy with a lot of smart ideas and vision for the future. I hope we can borrow him for Channel 9 more often, especially now that he's allowed to talk about some of the things he's working on.

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    Nice Show...


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    Does the project roundtripping include solution files or just the .csproj?

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