TWC9: Office 2016, HoloLens, Minecraft, Unity, Oculus Rift and more...

Play TWC9: Office 2016, HoloLens, Minecraft, Unity, Oculus Rift and more...
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The Discussion

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    That Nikola guy is so annoying. I've never seen a worse Channel9 video. My god.

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    These guys are awkward. The guy on the left was more cruel than funny. Very unprofessional.

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    I miss Brian and Dan...

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    Oh boy... the hosts need to work hard about engaging and interacting with eachother. And after that they should work hard about being funny. And only then come back to channel 9. 

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    Please be nice everyone. These guys are putting on a weekly show for free for your entertainment. They spent a lot of time looking for good links to share and I enjoy them and the show. 

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    Don't listen to them. Show is very good. 

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    These two guys are really not designed to make videos !

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    What's wrong with you people? These two guys put some drive and humor into the show. I miss Dan and Brian too, but with new hosts, their way to present and even with slightly different content the show became a lot more relevant to developer community as it is now. Please don't get me wrong...
    Nikola, Vlad, do what you do! If they close your show, make the same one on youtube. Just make it shorter and you're gonna be superstars! :-)

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