TWC9: Sara Ford, recognize touch gestures, make Windows 7 into a hotspot

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This week on Channel 9, Dan is joined by special guest host Sara Ford to discuss the week's top developer news, including:

  • Sara's leaving the CodePlex team to work as a Developer Evangelist
  • Nitin Bharti - 7-Part video series on using Microsoft Expression Blend, via Alvin Ashcraft
    • Interesting because: It's a free set of videos that cover the essentials of using Blend, including controls, data-binding, animation, and more
  • John Papa - Creating Custom Pre-loaders/splash screens in Silverlight
    • Interesting because: There are certain things you can and can't do in Silverlight's splash screen
  • Channel 9 Team - Simplifying how to share content on Channel 9
    • Interesting because: Most people didn't discover the share feature on C9 and those who did used primarily used Twitter and Facebook
  • Don Syme - Introduction to F# Lecture Series
    • Interesting because: It's a three part series with Don Syme who created the F# language
  • Greg Duncan - The Complete Windows 7 Shortcuts
    • Interesting because: This is arguably the most comprehensive list of Windows 7 shortcuts
  • Code Project - Manoj Kumar - Gesture recognition for Touch Devices
    • Interesting because:  This library helps take raw multitouch data from Windows 7 and interpret specific touch gestures
  • Chris Pietschmann - Turn your Windows 7 PC into a Wifi hotspot
    • Interesting because: It's a free, open source 100% C# app that enables you to make your PC a wireless hotspot (great for travel)
  • Jason Zander - Visualizing Dependency Graphs using Visual Studio 2010
    • Interesting because: Jason walks through how to use the Dependency graphing tools and discusses DGML (Dependency Graph Markup Language) an XML representation of dependency graphs that Visual Studio extensions could use to visualize dependencies  
  • Wes Hutchins - Visual Studio Gallery Beta 2 extensions to be unpublished
    • Interesting because: If you use or have created an extension in the visualstudiogallery, realize that all beta 2 extensions will be removed
  • Windows Azure Team - Windows Azure Drive and beta SDK available
    • Interesting because: Azure Drive enables you to mount Azure as a drive  

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The Discussion

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    Sara Gilbert.


    Xbox Live Indie Games is cool... I wish it actually existed over here.

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    The Episode is really interesting. I download n watch almost every channel 9 release.


    Thanks to Greg Duncan for mentioning about my ebook - the complete Windows 7 shortcuts eBook. Due to your help it was mentioned in this episode here.


    Thanks for supporting me guys!!

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