TWC9: SharePoint Framework, 3D Printed Nine Guy, Smart Tattoos and more...

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    Love it! I prefer this old studio.

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    Dear Greg Duncan, Vladimir Kolesnikov, and Nikola Metulev

    I enjoyed all the wonderful news that you guys put together in a short-and-sweet summary, especially with this week news about UWP App Studio open source, the Xbox One UWP and the "free" SQL 2016 developer.

    Like everyone else, I'm so busy at work and at home. I pretty much watch your shows every week to keep myself informed with all the latest development coming out.

    Keep up the good work.



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    Long time need to replace Vlad...Sorry to say but he is not bringing anything new to the table....and Nikola needs to be more presentable...needs a haircut and also need more enthusiasm!!!

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