TWC9 - Silverlight 4, Win 7 Driving, Editable MVC Routes, F# Missile Launcher

Play TWC9 - Silverlight 4, Win 7 Driving, Editable MVC Routes, F# Missile Launcher

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    Love the Holland shirt, Dan! Thanks Wink

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    When are you guys going to post up the code for that laser graffiti wall you had a the PDC?  Just wondering...

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    That GPS plotting thing screams for somebody to create some sort of gigantic digital etch-a-sketch drawing. Guys, what are the odds of you people buying me a flight and tickets to Mix if I promise to drive around and plot a gigantic Nine Guy in the Nevada desert as a sort of scam promotional thing?

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    rofl. Thanks guys Smiley


    For anyone coming over, at my front door I have a gun, I mean a cannon, or a bazooka, all wired up using the sensor API. Pity the unannounced flower delivery guy or random CH9 stalker. Tongue Out

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    I love Holland, I need an excuse to visit, but it's hard with a 6-month old Smiley

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    Bas, agree on the etch-a-sketch, it was the first thing that popped into my mind.


    As for your odds of us getting you a ticket, hmm, probably low, the problem is we have plenty of other folks who are paying their own way and are asking us for permission to get inside the inflatable Channel 9 guy (which is pretty cool I must say)

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    Re: destructors and finalizers:-


    No wonder there was so much confusion in the teaching of these concepts in the early days of .NET if the C# spec got it wrong! I remember so many tutorials where people were told all about finalizers "and this is how you can clean up like you do in a C++ destructor". NO NO NO!  The equivalent of a destructor is implementing IDisposable (and calling it in the appropriate place) - finalizers should never have been taught, even in intermediate programming books, let along beginners ones.  Interestinly Managed C++ as included in Visual Studio 2003 actually emboddied this error in that C++ destructors were implemented as finalizers, thus causing much confusion. The sucessor, C++/CLI, included in Visual Studio 2005 onwards changed it so that if a class has a destructor, in the CIL code it will actually implement IDisposable instead and calls to Dispose() are made in the same places they would be to the destructor of an unmanaged class.


    Re: Visual Basic 2010 feature cut.


    No iterators? What the heck guys, you had over 2 years!


    Re: HLSL


    It's not that hard. You know before HLSL you had to write what was essentially assembler code for the GPU. That was hard (although back then GPUs were a lot simpler - you couldn't have loops for example).

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    Welcome back Brian! Smiley

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    Jason Haley

    Great show, thanks for the link guys.

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    Thank you, sir! It's so good to be back.




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    Hey PerfectPhase, the current ETA for the PDC laser graffiti is Febuary/March but we also will shortly be posted a simplified version called "Light Painting" of this that does far more of the "how / what" while Jeremiah's laser graffiti article will explain how he did a bunch of the more complex stuff.


    I also was afraid of posting 5 30 page long articles back to back.  Smiley

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