TWC9: Silverlight Tools for VS, Azure Guidance, Rx, and Home Server

Play TWC9: Silverlight Tools for VS, Azure Guidance, Rx, and Home Server
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This week on Channel 9, Dan and Brian are back in the studio talking about the week's top developer news, including:

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The Discussion

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    Awesome show.

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    Thanks Smiley

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    RavenDB is almost exactly a re-implementation of CouchDB in .NET. They have added some things that aren't in CouchDB though, like transactions (which makes me smile because of the number of smug comments I've had from NoSQL advocates saying that transactions are not possible), Linq querying and collections.

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    Yeah, I think the big thing, and this shouldn't be understated as a feature, is that it has a really nice client API for programmability with LINQ.

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    Great show Smiley

    I've noticed the new camera angle, some new transitions and graphics - very nice small change which improves overall experience!

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