TWC9: TouchDevelop Opens, Microsoft Helps Create Node.js Foundation, Git Training, ngrok and more...

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    Here is some additional info on what is included in the eBook mentioned at 2:22

    • .NET Goes Open Source – What does that mean to you as a .NET developer?
    • Windows 10 – What we know so far and why it matters to you as a .NET developer?
    • Visual Studio 2015 – Includes several tips and tricks to get you up to speed FAST!
    • C# 6.0 – We'll take a look at code snippets that show you exactly what features you may want to take advantage of in your next app.
    • Roslyn – Can I do more than create my own compiler? What else can I do with it?
    • .NET on a Mac – Are you serious? We'll take a look at how native .NET development is a reality on a Mac.
    • Resources and additional information

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