TWC9: VS 11 Beta, Go Live, TFS Express, SkyDrive, Touch Guidance and more

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This week on Channel 9, Dan and Brian discuss the week's top developer news, including:

Picks of the Week!

Note: There at the end Brian said, "Look for beta dropping on Tuesday of next week...the 29th..." He really meant Wednesday of next week. Visual Studio 11 Beta, TFS Express, etc will be made available on Wednesday, February 29th, 2012.



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The Discussion

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    @Brian: Wondering if there will be any improvement it the test recorder with regards to Silverlight, we're looking at having to move to Telerik's Test Studio as we've given up trying to make MTM do anything even remotely simple with SL, even with the feature pack installed.

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    @Brian You have a typo in the link to TFS Express. should read

    One key shifted over Smiley


    Thank you for the show. Looking forward to TFS.

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    @Dark_Halmut: Fixed. Thanks

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    cool stuff Smiley

    i wonder if the design update for VS means that the whole shell is now wpf.. that'd be cool Smiley


    oo i have a question, in tfs express, can you choose any process template?

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    @aL3891: Yes - you can have custom work item process templates in TFS Express.  Ships with the standard Scrum, Agile and CMMI and full TFS.

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    @PerfectPhase: That's a good question and the short answer is I don't know. I've sent an email to the program manager for our test automation so if I can get some more information I'll let you know. Of course there is a lot you can benefit from by using MTM even for application stacks which cannot be automated. Just the ability to capture rich analytics (video, audio, InteliTrace, event logs) and track your test cases from requirements down to execution carries a lot of value with it. Check out my software testing talk (the pick of the week) when you get a chance. I tried to show a few of my favorite features across all of the testing tooling and only one of them relies on test automation (the "fast forward" capability).

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    @briankel: Thanks for the reply.  I've been running lab management since the beta's and often use MTM for other stuff, just a shame I have to go and buy a third party tool for this final part of the puzzle.  Guess I'll find out one way or the other in two days.... Smiley

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    @PerfectPhase: I am the Program Manager for Visual Studio UI Test. We have not made any changes in the recorder for Silverlight.


    Having said that, can you explain what problems you are facing?

    I can work with you to troubleshoot the issues.

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