TWC9: VS Code Remote Extensions, .NET Docker Updates, Microsoft Solitaire and more

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    totally unrelated, since channel 9 never talks about things I am interested in ( using javascript to write windows desktop or office apps ). anyway, could windows file explorer be improved? When you copy a folder, optionally exclude files and folders in the .gitignore file. Same thing when using search to search file contents - look to gitignore to not search those files. And could file explorer recognize markdown files in the preview panel?
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    Most of the things Microsoft is pushing nowadays are related to Azure and .NET which is great, the desktop is not relevant anymore as it was before. The only thing I remember about writing apps for Windows using JavaScript was support for JavaScript in UWP apps which I don't think it's relevant either. If you're stuck working in such kind of apps, well, check UWP out and see if you can leverage UWP for your requirements.

    And I think Microsoft won't implement the behavior you describe in File Explorer when copying files from a Git repo folder. If you still think that File Explorer should be Git aware, you can raise a suggestion in the Feedback Hub app in Windows 10. Good luck!
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    windows desktop is dead because any 3rd party software you run is potential spyware that can crawl your file system and upload it to a web server. Enable users to run javascript in a container or sandbox where the user can monitor and grant permission for the app to access other parts of the system.

    And Linux distros are anything but dead. If Microsoft is giving up on the desktop why not just open source the whole thing? Which would enable programmers to create new distributions that rival what is being done for Linux desktop.
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    had to run mail merge recently against a word document. Send the document as the content of the email message to recipients listed in an excel file. Only we needed a web link in the document to be customized for each recipient. Could not do that with word mail merge. ( Which looks like it has not been enhanced since Microsoft wrote it 25 years ago. ) Would be very useful to add javascript somewhere into the mail merge process that would customize the email document output.
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    Doctor Who
    I tried going to the Microsoft Learn link from off of the link above, but it didn't work. It required me to log in with my Microsoft account, which I tried to do. That failed with the above error message:

    "Selected user account does not exist in tenant 'Microsoft' and cannot access the application '2bcfd735-42e1-45b0-8feb-7d622403df33' in that tenant. The account needs to be added as an external user in the tenant first. Please use a different account."

    Is Microsoft Learn only for company accounts associated with their Microsoft account?
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    @Doctor Who — it should not! I think I included the wrong URL (since updated). Try instead!
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    Great Show,
    Not been a episode for a while.
    Is this show coming back ?

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