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    amy casselman

    I would like to report a privacy concerns..I am 50 first off...I am single ,and never played xbox in my life....The problem is that I have been hacked real bad that Iv been splattered all over the web on social sites that I never go on and sighned up with a profile on a xbox live.I have never ordered nothing from Microsoft on line or even bought in a store but I owe a bill to them for my purchase ....I have been hacked bad and now I owe Apple ,Google as well ...I go on the internet only to look at hairstyles or to find a location that's it ....I need the community to know that It s not me in Microsoft community that's doing all this bad stuff....I am not that smart on computers but this person responsible is .... they have threatened me for a year now and bullied me ,just wont go away ...I have spoke to Microsoft and im trying to close everything out but its a slow hoping that someone reads this and will help me straighten this out with others online with Microsoft cause im not a bad person but this other person has destroyed my life and my reputation to the point I don't wanna leave my house or even go on line anymore...I have 6 grandbabies and the oldest one plays his online game with xbox he is 12 .I wouldn't want his to see my name or put my grandson in any danger....I have went to the local police but they have no idea in a small town like Morrisburg Ontario....Please any help would be greatly appreciated thank you

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