TWC9: Visual Basic gets DICE Award, TechNet Virtual Conference, Bridge to iOS and more...

Play TWC9: Visual Basic gets DICE Award, TechNet Virtual Conference, Bridge to iOS and more...

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    Stated with DBase IV and Clipper. Then Visual Studio v1.0, 2, 4, 6 until 2004. Then, .NET.

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    @jalbuquerque: That matches me fairly well, I started with DBase, Clipper and FoxPro ... which I used depended on the company I was working for. Moved into VB from v3 to v6, some Access work, then .NET up to and including now :)

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    I started with MSX-Basic on a MSX2. I loved it!

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    One of the more unique ways to pronounce my name guys... Thanks for the promo on this episode. Go register at to stay informed, get insider info and chance to win some cool stuff!

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    Hey guys, I'm starting to get the hang of this show after coming over from Ping. Just can't get the schedule right so I don't comment much but had to check in with Mark in the video, Rick in the comments and Seth in the video and Golnaz somewhere in the back putting gnomes and butterflies in the video. Hi again.

    Professionally I started with VB6 but quickly moved to .NET primarily with VB.NET. I now use both VB.NET and C# working mostly on what I still call smart client apps; I understand web stuff and can make a decent website but am not a web dev. I started out programming aged 12.5 in 1993 with BASIC on an MSDOS PC and over the years in high school learned COBOL, C, Pascal, C++ and PROLOG before coming across VBA in Excel.

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    Started out with VB 3 on Windows 3.1 to create software to launch Trumpet Winsock and use send keys to automatically configure and connect to an ISP back in 1994 I worked at then (one of the first in Florida).  Worked in Access Basic and VB6 for the longest time as well as IIS when you had to do a separate page for look / data with the IDQ files then to ASP until moving on to dot net.  

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    VB6 Programming

    Microsoft still refuse to open source the VB6 programming language.

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