TWC9: Visual Studio 2013 Update 3 CTP 1, Code Map, Code Lens for Git and more...

Play TWC9: Visual Studio 2013 Update 3 CTP 1, Code Map, Code Lens for Git and more...

The Discussion

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    Isn't the point of having the gentleman from Visual Studio to at least show something of the update?  I kept wondering when I was going to get at least a short demo, but it never came.

    Maybe I don't understand the show, but this was boring.


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    @wp7dev007: Nope, this show has always been a news/highlights show. You can read the description of the show here. We try to be concise (10-15 minutes per episode) and give our viewers a very broad look across topics they might be interested in going deeper into. To go deeper into any given topic you can click the relevant links in the show notes above.

    If you're looking for a show that goes deeper and includes demos you should check out Visual Studio Toolbox or check out the other shows on Channel 9.

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    Okay, fair enough.  in that case, good show.

    I apologize.

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    I think you guys confuse Xamarin.Forms with the iOS visual designer for Visual Studio and Xamarin Studio which is also new to this release.

    Xamarin.Forms UI:s can be defined using a specific XAML-dialect. One can even mix with the platform-specific UI frameworks for more customization.

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    Robert, you're right, there was some ambiguity when we talked about it - 

    It's two separate things, the iOS designer is a designer, period. The Xamarin.Forms introduction is a unified UI framework that gives developers 40 controls (today) to build their UI for all supported platforms, and it would look native on each and every platform.

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