TWC9: WebMatrix and Razor, Debug MSBuild files, and beer fetching robots

Play TWC9: WebMatrix and Razor, Debug MSBuild files, and beer fetching robots
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This week on Channel 9, Dan Fernandez is joined by Larry Larsen to discuss the week's top developer news, including:

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The Discussion

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    Hope you all get better soon !


    @Dan: Very good interview about WebMatrix! I loved it, it's been a while since I saw a technical interview about a microsoft product here. It was very welcome. You asked the questions I wanted an answer to.

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    Thanks man Smiley

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    "Creating the Ultimate Developer Machine 2.0 - How can we get a 7.9 WEI Score for under $3k?" was a great show.

    I'll bet even the real hardware gurus like Gordon Mah Ung over at MaximumPC don't know exactly how WEI works.


    If Scott Hanselman is reading this, I'd suggest maybe getting in contact with Gordon to see what he thinks about the right SSD and processor for your machine. He's very knowledgeable about hardware and builds and benchmarks high end machines for a living PLUS he's hilarious Smiley


    For example...


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    The Hanselman post about iTunes is epic! Big Smile

    Investigating source...

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    Ha! IS hilarious yet very informative.

    Now I really think Scott and Gordon Ung would be amazing in a podcast together.


    I've always thought the people at Microsoft and the people who's work gives them a direct relationship with MS employees should have more interaction with geeks like Gordon who don't write code. They have allot they can learn from each other.

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    Just an FYI that I forwarded your comments to Scott on syncing with Gordon from Maximum PC Smiley

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    dentaku - Do you know this guy? Can you facilitate an intro?

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    I don't actually know him but he's been working at Maximum PC (I think) since back when it was called Boot magazine and he's on the Maximum PC No BS Podcast every week PLUS he hates iTunes too Smiley.

    Every year they build their "Dream Machine" so they've got years of experience putting together very fast PCs. It would be interesting to know what Senior Editor Gordon or Senior Associate Editor Nathan Edwards think about this project because I'm sure none of them know exactly how WEI works.


    Their e-mail addresses are here

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    Can't believe you guys are talking about a Sync API for syncing app settings and claiming it as your own. That was supposed to be the whole premise of Mesh  when it first appeared. Go and find Charles' C9 interview with Ori Amigaif you don't believe me Smiley


    Please slap Angus Logan around a bit until he promises to release a Sync API for us Angel

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    Nice show.  The painful iTunes software is the main reason I switched to Zune.

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